Our Assistant is designed to improve the customer service experience with automation and conversational AI.

It is a virtual agent that sits in front of contact center software and is designed to automatically handle incoming customer interactions on any supported customer service channel (voice, webchat, social, sms) that it’s deployed to, and deflect these interactions away from live agents.

The Assistant will be able to have full conversations for high frequency customer service use cases, or as we call them TalentsTM. One or many TalentsTM can be applied to an agent.

Our conversational design approach ensures that the Assistant is an omni-channel agent, able to be integrated with any customer service conversational channel needed.

  • Whatsapp

  • Webchat

  • Voice Bot

  • In-app

Chatbot Campaigns for Leading Brands

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Measure and Reflect for Best Results, Always

Unified dashboard that lets you measure your bot efficiency, compare your bot performance with that of your agents’, learn agent availability and productivity, and do more. All actionable data in a unified view.

  • Live Chat with Agent

  • Quick Online Support

Integrations Made Easy

Give your customers the best experience and personalization by integrating your databases and third-party tools with our bots. Provide a superior experience to both customers and agents.

But that’s not all. Our bots also integrate with a multitude of other apps, ranging from Google Sheets to Zapier to Shopify, to complement your Martech stack.

Conversational AI

It is the ‘brain’ that powers a virtual agent or chatbot. It encompasses a variety of technologies that work together to enable efficient, automated communication via text and speech by understanding customer intent, deciphering language and context, and responding in a human-like manner.


Bring your store online, inquiry to order, remember repeat customers


KYC, digital banking, customer support, feedback on services

Real Estate

Exhibit projects, customer verification, re-engage, book site visits

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