AR or Augmented Reality, filters are computer generated effects used over images or video. AR filters are typically used with a smartphone camera, showing an image as a layer in the background or foreground of your primary image, such as your video subject.

AR filters have become very popular and are often used with smartphone apps such as Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. While Facebook and Instagram may call their computer generated effects filters, Snapchat refers to them as lenses

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Snapchat

  • In-app

Types of Filters

How AR could be the game changer!

  • Front and back camera effects
  • Face Filters
  • Make-Up Filters
  • Add music and SFX
  • Make 3D and 2D objects react to audio
  • Add images and videos from your device to the effect
  • Mini-game AR Filters (Truth or Dare, Trivia Questions, etc.)
  • User interactions (open mouth, head shake, head nod, smile, blink, and more)
  • Hand and image target-trackers
  • Try on products (hats, glasses, etc.)
  • Real-world effects (placing furniture)
  • Randomizers (Which Disney Character Am I?)

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Nestle Munch Game

We created AR games for Nestle on various Indian festivals & product launches

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