Do you have any leads that you’re missing? Is the number of people that buy from you staying the same? Rather than rethinking your plan, it could be time to enlist the support of some digital pals.
So, how can a sales chatbot help you? Here are some of the most important advantages:

Dramatically cultivate frictionless communities with enterprise-wide customer service. Dramatically simplify web-enabled growth strategies rather than integrated imperatives. Interactively leverage existing innovative e-services customer service. Intrinsicly impact web-enabled value vis-a-vis innovative customer service. Continually procrastinate efficient growth strategies for backend experiences.

Personalize your welcome messages

Why not do the same thing online as salespeople do in actual stores? With a personalised greeting, a proactive chatbot helps break the ice, making it easier for the customer to interact right away or return to the chat later. You can build different messages and scripts tailored to your visitor’s experience, whether they are a new or returning customer.

Customers should not be allowed to leave

According to Forrester’s ” Raising the Bar “ study, one out of every five Generation Z customers will abandon a product or service if the live chat response time is too long.

Simultaneously, tech-savvy Generation Z buyers are more inclined to interact with new platforms such as chatbots and other digital assistants.

By being just a click away, chatbots meet the expectations of young shoppers. This ensures that your sales chatbot is always the initial point of contact for all new inbound inquiries, reducing response times and engaging customers before they leave.


Sales chatbots

Sales chatbots can also act as wonderful boosters, enticing clients to take advantage of special offers. Use a chatbot to communicate these offers in a proactive message if you’re running a sale or simply updating your site with new products.

Customers that open chatbot messages should be given a discount code to make them feel like they’re in on a secret.

These discounts or messages can be tailored to the page they’re browsing to further personalize the experience. Minute details like this can make customers stay and help set you apart from the competition in the market.

Respond to FAQs

Live chat is a two-edged sword: it’s quicker than phone and email, but it soon overburdens agents. It would be a shame to miss out on a discount simply because the wait time is greater than usual. By answering simple inquiries that clients may have, a chatbot can relieve your team of some of their responsibilities.

Reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts

It’s disrespectful to put products in a shopping cart and then abandon it in the middle of a supermarket. However, it is increasingly common practice to add products to an online basket and then close the website.

What is the reason for this? Customers are most likely to quit their shopping basket after noticing unexpected shipping expenses, according to Barilliance.

Use a chatbot to communicate that you offer free shipping when a consumer spends a particular amount or that you have a “buy now, pay later” payment option. Sometimes all a shopper needs is a little push.

People looking for bargains are a second major cause of cart abandonment. In this scenario, a chatbot can then keep your customer’s interest by talking about sales or by answering questions about the product, shipping, payment security, etc. When a unique issue arises, it can be forwarded to your team.