Why is PR Important in Business | Things Everyone Should Know About Public Relations

Heard about the term Public Relations, but not pretty sure what it means and how can it possibly benefit your business? Well, we’ll boil it down for you.

The core idea behind the term public relation is sharing the proper information to the right places and other people, to create the brand reputation. When you hire a PR Agency for your business, it helps you build your image in your respective industry, which is why it is believed that public relation is an area that will change the longer term of your business. It plays an integral role for any brand, and for numerous reasons.

Let’s look at the top 4 reasons that answer the question- why Public Relations?


While choosing a brand, what do you think matters the most? Right, it’s the trust in that particular brand that plays an integral role for any potential buyer. The success of a business completely depends on how trustworthy the brand portrays itself to be. This is essentially when Public Relations comes into the business. When you hire someone in Public Relations for your business, they help you bridge this trust gap between your business and the potential buyers associated with it.


With a boom in digitalisation, just one wrong step can take your business from top to tip. With changing discourses, social media allows people to say whatever they want about a business, no matter true or not, and the worst part about this is that you cannot intervene. This is when PR comes to your rescue. By deploying a PR Agency for your marketing strategies, you can portray your business the way you want to. They help your business by building a strong online presence for it, which helps you foster a good relationship with your existing customers as well as helps you reach your target audience in an efficient and easier manner. Therefore, in order to enhance your online presence, PR is a must-have for your business.


The major role that a PR agency plays is to integrate various marketing strategies with the story of your brand. When your business adopts unique marketing strategies, it is more likely to stand out amongst it’s competitors. Remember how CRED came to light when Rahul Dravid claimed himself to be “Indiranagar ka Gunda”? That’s how important a good marketing strategy is when a PR Agency adopts various such strategies, it provides a safe place for the customers to engage and relate with your business. This is what leads to a drastic increase in sales, profits and generation of leads for your business.

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It’s wisely said: “Advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for.”

While advertising your business, you pay a huge amount of money to bring your business to light. The focal point for this then becomes that the articles that you pay for appear in the advertorial section amidst various other advertisements, which makes it less prominent as it’s pretty obvious that they are all purchased.

Public relations, on the other hand, is an entirely different story. When you hire someone from a PR Agency, they convince the editors to write a positive story about your business or your client. This then appears in the editorial section of the magazines, newspapers, TV stations or websites, rather than the advertorial sections which essentially, gives your business more credibility because the consumers tend to believe that it is independently verified by a trusted third party, rather than just being purchased.

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