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E-commerce Chatbot

Food Ordering Chatbot

Customer Support Chatbot

E-commerce Chatbots can reach to more customers. The bot can list menus, list products, add products to cart, answer live questions, make product suggestions, process orders & send shipping updates.

Food ordering Chatbots allows diners to reserve tables, order food online, browse important information & menu through the restaurant’s Facebook Messenger in a more convenient way.

They can replace live chat agents. They can reply to FAQs or provide simple and timely information. A chatbot could provide correct answers, directly reply, or even escalate the request to a person.

Finance Chatbot

Healthcare Chatbot

Ticketing Chatbot

Chatbots can send push notifications with live stock updates of different companies based on client’s preference. Chatbots can also provide updates about client’s credit card, bank account balance etc.

Embedding Chatbots with calendars can improve the efficiency of booking appointments with doctors. Doctors can also strengthen their connection with patients through value-rich interactions.

Customers can directly interact with the chatbot for searching and booking tickets. They can check ticket pricing, date and time of travel etc. Chatbots can also inform if there are any changes in the schedule.

Marketing Chatbot

News Chatbot

Hotel Booking Chatbot

Chat Bots can very well assist you in marketing your products and services to your target audience. Notify and remind customers about new offers by identifying and grouping them based on the preferences.The grouped customers can also be sent personalized messages in order to make sure they keep visiting your store.

News Chatbots can send personalized breaking news, alerts, live sports scores, specific stories from a specific website, in a chat message. It can also send a list of stories from multiple publishing platforms.

Hotel booking Chatbots help peoples to search, browse and make hotel reservations. Chatbots can increase and improve the communication with guests before, during and after their stay.


Why Chatbot

Chatbots let’s to have a direct interaction between your brand and customer.
Bots can help Live Chat and other CRM teams.
Chatbots can support your customers 24/7.
Chatbots can eliminate waiting time.
Chatbots can provide better customer engagement.
Chatbots can reduce customer care expense by 30%.
Chatbots can give personality to your brand.