We believe Augmented Reality is going to change the way we use technology forever.




AR transforms simple newspaper pages into interactive 3D animations and videos. It takes the dullness out of the print media, enhancing it with more versatility and information. It not only gives audience retention when it comes to magazines and newspapers but also creates higher-value ad spaces.

AR is an amazing tool to enhance a company’s brand awareness to wider audiences ranging from looking at a watch on your wrist, or sunglasses in selfie mode, trying on shoes, and wearing make-up, all with your mobile device. AR Gamification added to the physical products helps to engage customers with a product and works as an incentive to a quicker purchase.

AR technology has an ability to render objects that are hard to imagine and turn them into 3D models, thus making it easier to grasp the abstract and difficult content. This is especially good for visual learners and practically anyone to translate theoretical material into a real concept.




AR can make it easier for end consumers to get detailed information of ingredients and nutritional value of food items in restaurants. This might encourage chefs to experiment and create new recipes more in tune with what consumers want to consume.

AR enables audiences to take part in dancing along with movie stars, invite their friends and family to participate in the video & share it on social media, bringing an interactive journey to the fans.

AR-based apps can facilitate augmented tours of ancient locations, buildings, landmarks and enable users to know more about them. Just pointing the app towards a building or landmark can present a visual of the entire history and events that happened there, thereby offering an amazing experience to the travelers and helping them learn and explore more, in real-time.


Real Estate



Visualizing and materializing future projects with this tech will allow companies to have a more immersive customer experience. Bringing their prospects’ ideas to life will be easier than ever and will get the deal closed.

Augmented reality is now used to digitize showrooms while solving the problem of exhaustive limited inventory. AR enables car dealers to present buyers with a complete range of models and specifications and use their (often minimal) space to maximum effect. It helps the sales staff to demonstrate the features and performance in a more interactive and engaging way.

AR makes it easy for anyone to turn into the live stream, and since 360° video was used, those watching remotely were able to feel closer to the action than ever before. Also, guests can interact with trade show booths and branded conferences in a whole new way through elements like educational pop ups and customizable games .

Augmented Reality technology allows you to manipulate, change or augment the space around us. We typically use it through a smartphone, whereby we look through using the camera’s lens and see reality manipulated.

Benefits of adding AR/VR to your business

Rich, Immersive and Interactive user experience
More Virality
Improved customer loyalty
Unprecedented engagement, click-through, and conversion rates
Helps in customer buying decisions
Brand awareness gets increased